This Chestplate will allow you to fly. To fly just press "F" and it will turn on the Gravitational engine. You can fly just like you were in creative mode. It holds 10 000 000 EU/t and you can fly for 20 minutes until it runs out of power. It offers all the protection the quantum chestplate has. You will negate all damage until it has fully ran out. This piece of armor is VERY EXPENSIVE! The crafting recipie includes a dump-load full of *uranium* iridium and a quantum chestplate. You'll find yourself getting this chestplate more endgame. Also there is a button to activate the GraviChestPlates flight mode. The GraviChestPlate flight mode has a gui in the corner saying that is it in flight mode and the percent of EU in the GraviChestPlate.

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